ARG-808-_L1A?_Dance_for_me-[Ode for a Muse]

For the tenth time he checked up is wrist… only 2 min had pass. For the tenth time he looks back at the Holo-Vid Screen to verify the hour of his WristPad. At this hour the Hotel Lobby is almost deserted. Sooner in the evening there was a cute girl behind the counter. She had […]

From Twitter #OnWoodWednesday

Has a kid, one of my favorite Movie was Conan the Barbarian, and Red Sonja (whom by the way is known as Kalidor in Québec Canada). I loved the harsh world those heroes lived in, the Magic, the Combat, and I must also admit the Ironclad Bikini armor of the heroines. Who do not love […]

#ForgottenGemFriday – Deadly Creatures (Wii)

Sometime, you see a game in store that no matter what, really don’t click with you. Maybe you cannot stand the art box, maybe the concept rebuke you, maybe even the sheer existence of the game put you away. And years later, you finally gives in, and from the moment you boot it on your […]

Random Number 05

We pursue our foray into the deep and shadowy games of our collection. This week, with five other Titles. Surprisingly, we got at random a great tour this week. So, I invite you dear reader to scroll down, and discover another round of Random Gaming Magic. R.N. 06: PS3 – Cursed Crusades (Also on X360) […]

When More is Less: an Editorial

Sometime ago, we finally bought Dragon’s Crown Pro for the PS4. It took us a long time to make that decision. HER wanted it, and I begged to disagree. And it did goes on for a few week like that. Fact, it was almost the same discussion since the announcement of the game. For sure, […]

#ForgottenGemFriday – Lost in Shadow (Wii)

You wake atop a tower… fettered. How long where you there? It feels like eons. You don’t remember anything. A dark and shadowy figure approach the altar of your torment. Raising his hand to you, he strangles the life out of your body, and you feel yourself descending in the abyss of unconsciousness. The Dark […]

NOT Another TOP 10 – Japanese Familiars

Long before the dawn of Pokémon, Japanese RPG’s often used the cuteness of Littles Critters, or Familiar Companions that followed the Hero helping him in his quest and dire situations. Or to be completely honest, just to be cute. It is one of those immuable convention of Role Playing Games, like Amnesia, Airship and Teenagers […]